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Aurora Tour

Aurora Borealis Viewing Lodge

Head out of Fairbanks and away from the light pollution of the city for the chance to glimpse the magic of the Northern Lights at a wilderness lodge. In warmth and comfort, sip on a mug of hot chocolate or stay awake with coffee as you take in this enchanting far-north spectacle.

Get picked up from your hotel at night and drive out of town. Arrive at a cozy lodge, the perfect out-of-the-way location for viewing the colorful lights of the aurora borealis. Gaze up at the night sky and wait for dancing curtains of pink, yellow, and green to illuminate the night.

Watch the twinkling stars, be captivated by the aurora, and learn about the science behind this surreal spectacle from your guide. As dawn approaches, head out from the lodge to be dropped back off in Fairbanks.

$100 per person

Minimum tour size of 3

Murphy Dome Northern Lights Tour

Venture out of Fairbanks to the old Air Force station at Murphy Dome for unobstructed views over the Alaskan wilderness in an ideal spot for viewing the Northern Lights. Stay warm in the van, or hop out to breathe in the fresh air during a night spent star-gazing and marveling at this natural phenomenon. This Aurora Tour takes you away from city lights, and is often above the temperature inversion during cold spells.

Get picked up from your hotel in Fairbanks and head out of the city, escaping the light pollution of the urban center as you make your way to Murphy Dome—one of the area’s highest peaks. At this elevated viewing location, you can gaze out over the treetops and take in 360 degree views of the vast night sky.

Watch for shooting stars, chat with your guide about the science behind the Northern Lights, and set up your camera equipment if you’d like to take photos of the aurora as it dances into being. If you get chilly, you can cozy up in the van while you wait for the luminous display, an unforgettable kaleidoscope of color that paints the night sky in vivid hues of green, yellow, and pink.

$85 per Person

Minimum tour size of 3

Arctic Circle Winter Tour

Take off for the ultimate Alaskan roadtrip as you venture north on the famed Dalton Highway to reach the Arctic Circle. Absorb the immensity of the Alaskan tundra, see the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and cross over the Yukon River on this scenic drive toward the gates of the Arctic.

After you get picked up from your hotel, head north in the direction of the Arctic, stopping at a grocery store on your way out of town to pick up food and snacks for the journey. Drive across vast and barren stretches of the immense tundra, and see the Trans-Alaska Pipeline snaking its way across the landscape.

A few hours out of Fairbanks, get on the famed James Dalton Highway, which transports truckers all the way to the icy shores of the Arctic Ocean. Cover a total of 400 miles (640 km) of wild northern terrain, making stops along the way to snap photos, stretch your legs, and watch for wildlife. Cross over the blue ribbon of the Yukon River, spot the promontory of Finger Mountain, and arrive at the Arctic Circle Sign, where you can collect a commemorative certificate in this far-north locale before the return drive to Fairbanks.

On our return trip, our winter excursion often provides great northern lights viewing opportunities.  The ride home offers many wide open views of the night sky. It often becomes an excellent Aurora tour.

There are rest stops along the way. Expect to spend about 14  hours for this trip.  The fee includes water and transportation services to:

Fred Meyer’s™  | Trans-Alaska Pipeline | Yukon River | Finger Mountain | Arctic Circle Monument (Certificate)

$200 per person

Minimum tour size of 3

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