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Winter Activities in Fairbanks, Alaska

It’s no secret that the days are shorter and darker in Fairbanks during the winter, but this shouldn’t deter you from planning a trip. There are many perks to traveling to Alaska during the colder months – not only will you get the true Alaskan experience, but you may get to witness one of the world’s most incredible phenomenons – the Northern Lights. While winter temps in Fairbanks may drop to below minus 60 degrees, the days are typically clear with hardly any wind.

Planning a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska during the winter months may seem like a crazy idea to some, but there are tons of amazing attractions and things to keep you warm and busy during these darker days. As anyone who has ever traveled to Fairbanks will attest to, it’s truly one of the most magical places on earth. From the hot springs to the Northern Lights and dog sledding, you will want to start planning your next trip before you even leave.

Whether you are in the mood for a relaxing trip where you will simply be and enjoy the vast wonderment of Alaska, or perhaps a more active trip that gets you outdoors, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite things to do in Fairbanks during the winter months – there’s a little something for everyone!

Chena Hot Springs Resort

Chena Hot Springs Shuttle Rock Pond Summer Thermal SpringA favorite spot amongst both locals and tourists, Chena Hot Springs Resort is located about an hour outside of Fairbanks and is the perfect place to warm up after a long day of dog sledding or ice fishing. The resort features indoor pools as well as outdoor natural hot springs. Whether you are an experienced hot springs goer or this is your first time, we promise you won’t be disappointed by the incredible scenery and pools at Chena.

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are enchanting and breathtaking all at once, and Fairbanks in the winter is the perfect place to see them. Take a tour just outside of the city where you’ll have unobstructed, 360 degree views of the tremendous sky, or simply look up when the sky is clear! Witnessing the Northern Lights is something you will carry with you for a lifetime, and Fairbanks is an excellent place to do it.

Dog Sledding

PAWS for Adventure Tolovana Hot SpringsA Fairbanks “things to do” list wouldn’t be complete without mention of dog sledding. Dog sledding tours are the quintessential Alaskan experience, and there are tons of different options in Fairbanks and just outside of the city. Considered the world’s mushing capital, Fairbanks dog sled tours typically run November through April and offer visitors to chance to take in the stunning wilderness behind the impressive pull of professionally trained Huskies. Contact Leslie at PAWS for Adventure for more information.

Fairbanks in the winter is a truly magical place that many are lucky enough to experience. Once you’ve visited the first time, you will have a hard time staying away for long. We hope you enjoy your trip and come see us again soon!