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Are you heading on an Alaskan cruise and need a fast, safe, and enjoyable way to get to your cruise ship? Our Anchorage to Whittier Direct Transfer (with Wildlife Park) service is exactly what you’re looking for. Our friendly staff will take you directly from wherever you are in Anchorage right to the cruise ship terminal in Whittier, all while letting you soak in the views of the Seward Highway, one of the world’s most scenic roads.



Your journey begins when our van or motorcoach meets you in Anchorage. Our drivers can pick you up wherever you happen to be in the city, such as your hotel or at Ted Stevens International Airport. Once your ride arrives, our staff will assist you in loading your luggage aboard the vehicle while you take a seat onboard. Once you’re strapped in, prepare for the drive of a lifetime as you get whisked south to Whittier surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the U.S.

While en route to Whittier, our transfer service will take you to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, one of the state’s premier tourist stops. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center will allow you to observe moose, musk oxen, bears, caribou, and other native wildlife in a natural, relaxed, and safe setting. Bring your camera or phone so you can take plenty of pictures of these mighty creatures living their lives in nature.

Once your visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center ends, the Anchorage to Whittier Direct Transfer (with Wildlife Park) service will resume your journey towards Whittier. Once you arrive, you’ll be taken directly to the cruise ship terminal with plenty of time to spare before your ship departs. Our staff will assist you in unloading your luggage so you have minimal hassle on your way.

Our Anchorage to Whittier Direct Transfer (with Wildlife Park) service is handled through a modern fleet of motorcoaches and vans that feature easily accessible exits, full air conditioning and heating, a large amount of luggage storage space, large windows that are perfect for sightseeing and also tinted for your privacy, and comfortable seats that will let you put your feet up on your journey south. Unlike many tour companies, we don’t use outdated and old vehicles; our equipment is new, shiny, and will ensure your enjoyment as you make your way to Whittier.

Alaska has become a popular tourist destination over the past few years for a reason: its wealth of gorgeous scenery, natural landmarks, and things to do is matched by few other locations in the world. If you’re going on an Alaskan vacation, you’ll want to ensure that you’re having fun and enjoying yourself every step of the way, with no hassles or problems. We can help. Book our Anchorage to Whittier Direct Transfer (with Wildlife Park) service now and experience the ultimate in luxury on your trip to your cruise ship.

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