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After spending a week on a luxurious Alaska cruise, stepping back into the real world can be a real shock. After all, you’ve been pampered and spoiled for so long, that you’ve forgotten what responsibility even feels like. Now, as you trudge on glumly with all your heavy luggage, you’ll be faced with the decision to pick a way of transportation that will take you where you need to go. You’ll need a vehicle that can take you all the way back to Anchorage in a timely manner so that you won’t miss your flight. You’re dreading the ride back to Anchorage because you’re sure that whatever transportation you can find is going to be overcrowded and uncomfortable. And it isn’t going to be just a quick trip back – Anchorage is a couple of hours away. And spending that much time cramped inside a vehicle? Oh, the horror! The days spent in paradise are suddenly over – or so it seems.

Spacious and Affordable

Luckily, when you choose to travel with us, you’ll have all your needs covered and more. We have plenty of luggage space and storage compartments, so we’ll make sure that your luggage is all taken care of. You won’t have to worry about a single thing. Your only job will be to relax for the ride in our large, comfortable seats while you gaze out the giant glass windows to see all the gorgeous Alaska views. Your cruise may be over now, but the fun and relaxation isn’t, when you choose our shuttle tour. In fact, it may seem like the real adventure is just beginning! You thought the trip was over, but there is so much more of Alaska to discover!
We’ll be sure that our shuttle is there to pick you up right on time at the Whittier Cruise Ship Terminal, so you won’t have to sit for very long with all your luggage and wait patiently for a shuttle to finally show. Whether you need to get to the Anchorage Airport or to a hotel just downtown in Anchorage, we’ll get you to your destination in 1.5 to 2 hours. But don’t worry, we know that’s a long time to sit on a shuttle – and we have just the thing to keep you entertained!

Narrated by Alaskans

During the trip from Whittier to Anchorage, you’ll get to listen to our entertaining guides as they narrate and teach you a thing or two about all the neat sights you’ll get to see as we pass through. Just a few of the incredible sights are the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, Portage Glacier Valley, and Turnagain Arm. You got to see and experience all the greatness of Alaska at sea during your Alaska cruise, and now, you’ll get to see some of the most impressive beauties of Alaska. The route that we take from Whittier to Anchorage is beautifully scenic, so you’ll want to keep your camera on you at all times.
Out of the many many miles that we’ll cover in order to get you where you need to go, 2.5 miles belongs to the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel. This is the longest tunnel in all of North America, and you’ll have to really see it to believe it. But you won’t just get to see it on this trip, you’ll actually get to go through it yourself! All while learning all about it from your well educated guide.

Scenic Seward Highway

Afterward, we’ll be on our way, taking the famously scenic Seward Highway. On this route, you’ll get to see Portage Glacier Valley and
Turnagain Arm. These areas are filled with stunning views of glistening glaciers and all kinds of wildlife. You’ll get to see the dall sheep with their thick white coats and impressive horns, and the graceful beluga whales might even make their appearance out of the water – you can experience it all right here on this beautiful Alaska road trip. You will find that the views you’ll see from your window are quite awe inspiring and absolutely unforgettable. What can we say? Alaska is undeniably beautiful, and we are dedicated to giving you the best experience of it through our narrated shuttle tours. You might even find that you won’t want the ride to end!

Back Home Safe and Sound

Unfortunately, this incredible guided tour can’t last forever. We’ll eventually have to drop you off where you need to be – either at the Anchorage Airport so you can catch a flight back home, or at one of the hotels located in downtown Anchorage so that you can stay in Alaska’s largest city for a night or two.
By the time we drop you off at your desired destination, you’ll be ready and prepared to face the real world once again. Our guided shuttle tours should do just the trick to help you transition from a world full of freedom, relaxation and no responsibilities, to the real world, where you’ll already be wanting to plan the next vacation trip. The good news is that we are ready when you are for when you want to take your next Alaska adventure.


Our Whittier to Anchorage Direct Shuttle is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If you have other transportation needs, please give us a call to arrange a private transfer.

Departure: 8:45 AM from Cruise Ship Terminal
Arrival: Anchorage Airport (Ted Stevens International Airport) 10:30AM
Arrival: Local Anchorage Hotels, 10:30-11:15AM

Cruise ships dock around 12AM (midnight) at the port in Whittier and disembark seven hours later at 7 AM.


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