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Craft breweries are popping up all over the United States at a staggering rate, including right here in Fairbanks. With more and more people wanting to give their business and support to smaller, locally run establishments, it is no wonder Fairbanks is getting into the craft beer scene. Smaller breweries not only have the benefit of providing something unique and interesting to local residents and visitors alike, but they have much more room for creativity. Nowadays, beer lovers are diving deep into the various styles (from IPAs to sours and imperial stouts) and really being able to hone their taste buds.

Here in Fairbanks, we are not only seeing craft breweries slowly make their mark, but distilleries and restaurants centered around local brews, too. Right now Fairbanks has an impressive three distilleries and two breweries, with more surely on the horizon. If you are planning a trip to Fairbanks and love beer as much as we do, we highly encourage you to check out these brewery hotspots:

HooDoo Brewing Company

Probably the most well-known craft brewery in Fairbanks, HooDoo is known for their local, fresh craft beer brewed in the heart of the city. Named for a nearby mountain range where the wildly popular snowmachine and ski race, Arctic Man, takes place, HooDoo is a small taproom that puts patrons right in the thick of the brewing process. The taproom is open Tuesday-Friday, 3-8pm and Saturday, 11am-8pm. One of the coolest things about HooDoo? They recently became the first brewery in Alaska to harness solar power for their brewery operations! Not only are their beers delicious (try the American IPA or Vanilla Porter), but they are doing great things for the Alaskan environment, too.

Silver Gulch Restaurant

Previously the Fox Roadhouse, Silver Gulch Restaurant has been renovated into a brewery and brewhouse. Located 10 miles outside of Fairbanks, Silver Gulch currently has around a dozen beers of their own on a tap, as well as an extensive bottle selection. The large outdoor beer garden is perfect for enjoying a nice summer Fairbanks evening. And Silver Gulch isn’t just a restaurant – the food is to die for!

In addition to the breweries, be sure and check out Ursa Major Distilling, Hoarfrost Distilling, and Fairbanks Distilling Company. They all offer great selections of spirits and are a fun way to spend an afternoon in Fairbanks. Need a ride? Give us a call and we’ll get you safely to and from any of these locals in our Fairbanks Shuttle Service.